Sing praise to the airplane

Plane Flight Over New Mexico

Sing praise to the airplane

that scales the walls of what-we-see

and still climbs, climbs still higher

into endless Seeing —

spreads and deepens, multiplies it.

Likewise praise the internet

that sifts the walls of what-we-see

and casts abroad and catches back

our voiceless voices,

wafts and weaves the speechless words

of our incessant


to and fro.

The same, the praise, for also

all the rest of all the techno-wonders

overpassing what-we-see,

and similarly praises to

the congregating knowledges

that underpin technology,

and further praise to sciences

that underlie, support, sustain, and guide

our hastening progress.

Praise to the mechanics of the universe.

Yet a caution:

As mechanics differ

in office and prestige

from the priest

and the poet

(as we remember them

from former times)

and would disappear outright

in the radiance

of holiness

(look outside the window—

the undiminished holiness!),

so this, our latest


of what-we-see

is limiting, diminishing

and further still

distorting and diverting

our vision and our way.

May 30, 2006