Christmas 2007

Outside our second-story bedroom window

I see a fresh reflection of the year:

****an overarching

mesquite tree

thrusting stout branches

aloft from the trunk and

arranging around it

a world of uplifting,

a high hallelujah!

****From branches to switches

to twiglets to leaflace,

a fine, fragile fretwork

of multiple impulses,

rash or sublime,

that conspire and proliferate,

branchfull by branchfull–

drifting and hovering,

surfing the light-sifting

zephyrs this morning,

and shrugging off nightfall

and dewfall and fogfall,

inspired by the season,

festooned just this instant:

each fernfeather stemtiplet

silently oozing its

own crystal droplet

of shimmering sunlight.

This is our moment

and history,